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You can make a difference...

We have two important dates coming up for the library...the Friends Annual Columbus Day weekend Bake Sale and our Fall Clean-up for the grounds of the library.  There are sign-up sheets at the library!  We can use your help and everyone can participate...bake or buy, join us  in raking, trimming, and weeding.  The more that get involved, the better the results.     The library will be richer for it...monetarily and aesthetically! 

                         Thank you for your support!


Alexandra Cassell came to us and asked if we'd like to be on her team as she worked toward earning her Girl Scout Gold Award.  She has completed her project and it is now  available in our library!  Alex wanted to create a resource for homeless and other underserved members of the community.  These Binders are now available in several libraries and agencies. Pictured above, the binder is a collection of pamphlets and brochures from the various agencies and community resources available relating to Transitional Housing, Affordable Housing, Child and Family Services, Health, Legal and Financial Services, specific opportunities for Women, Veterans and Seniors, and much, much more. Although the binder and its contents can not be taken from the library, information can be copied and Alex has made business cards for each site that provide the services closest to that site.  Also on the card is the web site Alex has created.  This was a very ambitious project and provides a much needed resource for those needing support.  Please come in and peruse the binder, become acquainted with what's in our area and recognize the work of this young woman.  We are so proud of what she has done and so proud to have been part of "her team".

  Alex's web site:           www.alexspagecapecod.weebly.com

Please stop in and peruse this valuable resource so that you will be more aware of what is available in our area to help you or a neighbor or friend.  While you're here write your reaction to Alex's project. 

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