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Try An Audio Book This Summer...

Many of our patrons listen to audio books as they work, cook, travel, commute and compute!  This would be a great time to try it if you haven't yet done so. These are our three latest CDs just in; our collection is extensive.  

We are getting new items into the library everyday.  To see a detailed listing of our new acquisitions please click on the Reading and Research Tab above and then go to New Arrivals.  All books and DVDs are listed for your convenience.  In the library new arrivals are on display in the main room, however - many are out and about having been reserved in advance!  If you see a new addition that you would like to reserve but aren't sure how to do so, please call or come into the library for assistance.  There's nothing  like getting that new item as soon as it's available and it's very easy to do!


The Flavors of Dennis was a great success!  Thank you to everyone who participated...whether you were a guest or a sponsor, a donor or a bidder, a planning committee member or a Trustee, a restaurateur or just someone who enjoys good food...there was something there for everyone to enjoy and the West Dennis Library was the very appreciative recipient of your generosity.  Here are some pictures to help you "savor" the day!

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